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Public Speaking and Business Writing

Everyone in business can speak and write! But how many managers stand out thanks to their brilliant speeches and influential writing? Work with us and become one of those envied speakers and writers!

Public speaking
Preparing an excellent speech is generally a demanding activity for managers who cannot readily spare the time it takes to achieve a speech that is outstanding in both content and delivery. Executives tend to compromise in this area, yet addressing an audience is the fastest way to establish a reputation. We coach our clients to transform the manner in which they deliver messages - out of the grey zone and into the zone where charisma, influence and confidence reside!

Business writing
Executives are also put to the test with regard to their writing skills. Today the written word is considered more important to business than ever before. Many business decisions, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions start with a written proposal, plan or report. Generating support and influencing actions and perceptions are achieved through the right choice of words, tone and style for different audiences (and cultures).  

The third challenge is language. As English is the universal language of business, speakers in an international setting are judged by their command of English - vocabulary, variation, grammar and pronunciation.
"Mastery of Language affords remarkable power" (Frantz Fanon).

Our Services
We have built a solid reputation as skilled providers of presentation and writing courses that transform managers' communication skills.
Please refer to the section on services (drop-down menu) for further details of what we offer as leaders of workshops (English and Dutch) and professional business and speech writers (English) .