We provide a wide range of leadership related courses. All our courses are intended to enchance the participants' resilience, creativity and effectiveness both locally and, if applicable, internationally.​
Client profile:
Our courses are designed for executives and managers seeking top level, experience-based support as they work on increasing their influence and success or strengthening certain skills.

Examples of Themes

  • Implementing and leading change initiatives
  • Personal influence - building support and engagement through strong interpersonal skills
  • Intercultural leadership
  • Building an environment of participation, knowledge creation and development
  • Applying effective diversity
  • Professional positioning; building a strong identity and focus
  • Developing different leadership styles
  • Talent retention in a competitive market
  • Adapting processes and building capacity to meet current day challenges
  • Communication: raising the bar for powerful presentations and rewarding negotiations
  • Post-merger integration
  • Returning expats: achieving professional success after a reverse culture shock

Course Contents

All of these themes are 'umbrella' topics that cover a variety of issues and skills. The specific skills, strategies and approaches that are addressed depend on the participants' needs and objectives. 

​All courses are led by an experienced entrepreneur and coach, Janet Poot.
Please contact us by phone or complete the contact list on the contact page if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss different options.