Executive Coaching

Executives are expected to be visionary leaders, masters at simplifying complex issues, inspirational drivers of change, charismatic communicators, strategic and externally focused thinkers and the most influential of networkers!
We assist managers to excel in specific areas and to increase their influence where most needed both nationally and across borders. We coach in both English and Dutch and are used to working with interpreters in certain countries.

One-to-One coaching

Building a solid identity, developing a clear focus & approach and enhancing specific personal and business leadership skills are key aspects of our one-to-one coaching programmes. If coachees are based in different countries we offer a combination of telephone sessions, e-mail contact and assignments.

Management team coaching

JPC designs programmes for management teams. These vary from one interactive workshop to multiple workshops with clear objectives and within a well-defined framework. We apply the principle of blended learning for an accelerated learning experience. This allows teams to gain and share knowledge in multiple ways.