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Janet Poot

My Story
My story starts with the impact of moving from the Southern hemisphere to Northern Europe. Sudden disruption and alienation that, in time, proved to be of significant value in my career. Coming from a multicultural 'rainbow' society to a very different culture planted the seed for a career that would cross cultures and borders. After working for an American multinational in The Netherlands and gaining managerial experience, I became a bilingual (English/Dutch) entrepreneur in the marketing sector, employing teams in different countries and being a long-term business partner to our highly valued global brand clients.

Founder's Story

My Business Story
Whilst working in multiple countries as a marketing entrepreneur and representing large companies in different sectors, my colleagues and I learned a great deal and enjoyed the adrenaline of succeeding in complex markets. Above all, I observed how our clients would from time to time experience (internal) leadership and communication challenges that had a direct impact on their business results and reputation. Some mistakes they made were costly, others were inconvenient but all had to be rectified to restore trust and progress. I played a part in many 'restoration' projects, liaising between my clients and their stakeholders. I could understand the occurrence of some mistakes in a dynamic and challenging market environment but considered others to be astounding.
This took me to the US where I prepared for a role in international leadership development and consultancy.
The establishment of JPC is the result of this desire to increase awareness, skills and competencies in the international arena. My company is in constant transition moving with the times to offer our clients in different markets the most current, relevant and thought-provoking insights to encourage beneficial change and facilitate progress.

My Customer Story
So now you have read the previous stories and this one is about you, our customer or customer to be! Our enterprising services are based on your needs and objectives and are, therefore, not standard, off-the-shelf solutions for an under-identified problem or limitation!
We provide leadership support to accelerate the kind of progress that excites your organisation.
As an experienced business professional I seek to quickly understand your business, dilemma or objectives and provide the support best suited to you and your company. This may be a result driven learning & development programme, stimulating company workshops, effective advisory support as and when needed or proactive interim management.
My colleague and I are bilingual (English/Dutch) and we utilise different avenues as we build capacity in organisations and individuals.

Our company slogan, created with our customers in mind: ‚Äčour expertise for your destination!

Janet P. Poot