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Interim Management

Janet fulfills assignments to manage a period of transition or lack of managerial resources within organisations. As an enterprising bilingual (English/Dutch) professional she brings with her credentials that include establishing and running an international marketing company followed by years of top level executive coaching and change management.

She is quick to understand the business (dilemma) and gain trust as a manager and discussion partner. She is skilled at sharing applicable insights and dealing with diverse interests by applying the interpersonal skills most suited to the culture and situation at hand.

Janet combines operational management with strategic change management and works consistently towards achieving the objectives as outlined in the cooperation agreement. Her approach and the phases of the interim assignment are clearly defined in an action plan that is approved by the client.


We welcome interim assignments  related to activities in the area of (transformational) change, business improvement, communication and 'care-taking' in the event of a manager's absence or departure.

Business phases of particular interest:

  • Post-merger integration
  • International expansion
  • Organisational change; preparing managers for new responsibilities and span of control