Presentation course (Dutch or English)

(1 full day for a maximum number of 6 participants)
Purpose: Participants learn a unique way to design a speech and presentation for the right impact. We move the participants away from standard and predictable presentations and we focus on framework, content and presenting with flair.
Learning Benefits

  • Structure
  • Core statements
  • What it takes to deliver a powerful, future focused message
  • The art of framing
  • Communication that implies an outwardly focused win-win approach!
  • How to capture an audience's attention

Workshop 'Conversing in English' (English)

(Half day workshops for 10 participants)
Our coaches who are native English speakers, deliver masterclass workshops for executives seeking to improve their English conversation skills.

Purpose: Participants learn to speak with more influence in diverse business settings ranging from informal conversations to debates and negotiations. We also address cultural differences and the impact of words on the meaning and interpretation of messages.
Learning benefits

  • Improvements in English vocabulary, pronunciation and presentation skills
  • Improved listening, questioning and writing skills
  • A higher level of influence when communicating in different settings
  • Negotiating successfully in English

Business and Speech Writing (English)

There are measurable business benefits to working together with a senior business writer. We can be contacted for writing assignments that lead to a lasting impression or a winning contract bid! Come to us for guidance regarding your speech or documents that should resonate with your audience and strengthen your professional reputation.
Learning benefits

  • Writing with clarity and purpose
  • Phrases that draw an audience closer and phrases that create distance
  • Effective diplomacy
  • Responding in writing to challenging situations