Our courses assist you to take a helicopter view of situations and to gain valuable insights into a range of leadership topics and solutions prevalent today.
The answer to dealing with increasing demands does not lie in putting in longer hours. Crash courses in the field of 'time management' usually result in 'switching time'.
Our approach is quite different. For managers to be energized, influential and successful we focus on the desired 'destination', making choices and enhancing the right personal profile. We focus on identifying restrictive patterns, viewing situations through different lenses, responding to unexpected challenges, making the right judgment calls and developing relevant leadership skills.

Small assignments are given to the coachee after each session.
We encourage our clients to meet at our offices for the coaching sessions or at a different venue that is removed from their day-to-day working environment.

Janets Personal Note


In the case of one-to-one coaching, a personal meeting takes place between the coach and coachee to determine if there is a good match between the coachee's development objectives and the coach's expertise. The next step is that the coachee defines his or her objectives for development or behavioural change. The coach facilitates this process and designs a programme with those objectives in mind.

We invite coachees to share their assessments or 360 degree feedback reports with the coach.