Feedback from Participants

"I know Janet from the group workshops on Transformational Leadership, which we received from her several times as part of the GE WN conferences. And every time we left the workshops feeling very excited about the unlimited opportunities she generated for us with her inspirational messages and creative rounds of real-life business simulations. She is a right person if you are looking for the highly effective approach within your organization".
Carmen Baijanova, Global Sourcing Operations Manager, General Electric

"The M&L Influential Speech was an eye-opener for myself despite nearly 30 years of experience. Perhaps it was because of the experience that I started feeling too comfortable with my own expertise. Again it taught me the valuable lesson of going back to basics and listening to what the words I use actually convey to others"
John Grandia
Fluor BV

Thank you for the excellent Meet & Learn session last week. The concept of combining a bit of networking with a small-group topic discussion worked extremely well, and was enjoyable too. In a short periode of time, you lead us each to think about the idea of Influential Speech, and your simple schematic won't be forgotten soon. Tomorrow I will share these ideas with my direct colleague - we're working on a proposal to present together in a month, and willneed to be "influential" to get it approved!
Marilyn Acker
Interim Finance & Administration Management

"Meet & Learn offers an insightful and practical approach to leadership challenges. The sessions are short and focused and give both direct takeaways and food for thought."
Chris van den Berge
Head of Developed Markets FI Lending
ING Wholesale Banking

"...Na de verkregen inzichten met een groep mensen uit onverwacht diverse werkgebieden te hebben gedeeld keerde ik enthousiast, met nieuwe energie en vol plannen weer huiswaarts".
Eric Mackay
Chairman Cooper Feldman Nederland

"Combining M&L meetings with my daily self awareness of power by vision, sets me apart within my oil and gas industry. Whilst meeting my tomorrows demanding leadership challenges, M&L facilitates me to perform my daily tasks with ease! Thank you JPCorporate International, Janet Poot".
Charmaine Wright
Blue Water Energy Services BV, The Netherlands